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Combined Honours in Peace Studies (B.A.)

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The Combined Honours in Peace Studies at McMaster combines your Peace Studies program courses with another program courses to create a combined Honours B.A.


Teaching and research at McMaster’s Centre for Peace Studies currently focuses on four main themes:

Peace Through Health

Peace through Health is an emerging academic discipline focusing on how health interventions in actual and potential war zones may contribute to peace. The Peace through Health Working Group examines and promotes initiatives such as humanitarian ceasefire, the use of health expertise to restrict weapons and war strategies, and the combining of individual and social healing in war zones.

Human Rights

Human Rights are intrinsically connected with peace and social justice. Peace is often a precondition for the effective promotion of human rights and sustainable peace is founded on respect for basic human rights. The Peace Studies focuses on both historical and contemporary global issues of human rights, social justice, peace and conflict. Peace Studies courses and research explore the interrelationship between peace, human rights and social justice.

Peace Education

Both locally and globally, the Centre for Peace Studies explores and applies strategies for educating for a culture of peace. Since 2001, it has worked in a local partnership with the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace to facilitate the Annual Conferences on Peace Education in Canada, which provide opportunities for participants to exchange knowledge and develop critical skills for nonviolent social change. The Centre’s focus on peace education has also been an important part of its projects in areas of conflict; for example, the Afghanistan project resulted in introducing peace education into the national curriculum and getting 40,000 copies of a peace education book into Afghan schools.

Peace Activism/Advocacy

Through research and teaching, faculty and students further their understanding of the causes and effects of conflict and violence and test strategies to transform conflict. Several Peace Studies courses, work studies and internships are aimed at providing Peace Studies students with opportunities to apply and expand knowledge gained in the classrooms to practical community settings by working with local activist organizations on specific projects. Courses also expose students to the practical and career-oriented aspects of Peace Studies.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)