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Undergraduate Program

Peace Studies seeks to create peace practitioners who will have the knowledge, skills, and values essential to the building of a world where conflict is handled and justice is achieved humanely and creatively. Undergraduate students choose from an interdisciplinary selection of courses to complete either a Combined Honours B.A. in Peace Studies or a Minor in Peace Studies. The core Peace Studies courses introduce the concepts, skills, and values of Peace Studies and shape the student’s capacities in later inquiry, research, and applied courses. These capacities are expanded by relevant courses from History, Philosophy, English and Cultural Studies, Communication Studies and Multimedia, Comparative Literature, Women’s Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Labour Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Indigenous Studies. McMaster’s program puts particular emphasis on nonviolence as an overarching value and practice area, and it has developed expertise, which it shares with students in the program, on health as an arena for practical peacebuilding. Students are strongly oriented to apply their knowledge and to learn from doing. Classes encourage problem-based and inquiry learning processes in small groups.

Peace Studies Course Substitution

To replace courses in your degree audit (towards your Combined Honours in Peace Studies) with an alternate course, please fill out a Peace Studies Course Substitution Form and send to or drop off at TSH 721.

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