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World BEYOND War seeks Education Director

World BEYOND War
Job Title: Education Director
Part-time remote position


World BEYOND War, a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace, seeks an experienced educator to serve as Education Director. The Education Director works with and reports to the Executive Director and Board to advance World BEYOND War’s educational efforts, interacting and collaborating as well with the Organizing Director, the Development Director, and the Technology and Social Media Director.

The responsibilities of the Education Director include developing and disseminating educational resources, including books, videos, webpages, and other presentations and brochures. The Education Director works to promote the use of World BEYOND War materials in classrooms around the world, and to facilitate less formal educational events, both in the real world and online. This includes speaking to World BEYOND War chapters and affiliates, and training activists to make their own effective presentations, as well as organizing online courses.

The ideal candidate is an educator-activist: someone deeply familiar with both academic theory and knowledge in peace studies/peace education, and also experienced as an educator working in both formal and non-formal contexts.

This is a part-time 20 hrs/wk remote position. You will work from a home office and can be based anywhere in the world. Annual salary for this position starts at $20,000+/year and includes two weeks of paid vacation time.

Required Experience, Knowledge, and Skills:
· deeply knowledgeable of theory, practice and pedagogy in peace education
· strong background knowledge in nonviolence, global security, world order, disarmament, peacebuilding, global governance, and culture of peace
· proficiency in writing & editing and oral communication in English
· curricula development
· ability to adapt educational resources for different audiences
· developing marketing and outreach materials
· networking: fostering connections to peace education professionals / practitioners

Preferred Experience, Knowledge, and Skills:
· experience leading strategic planning efforts
· project coordination (working with staff and volunteers)
· familiarity with web platforms such as WordPress, ability to evaluate and configure online education systems such as Canvas
· proficiency in languages other than English
· graphic design skills

Anticipated Tasks:
· promotion of WBW educational materials within professional circles (PJSA, IPRA)
· training chapters on the use of WBW educational resources
· development and implementation of the educational agenda of WBW’s strategic plan
· editing/producing an updated version of World BEYOND War’s book A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS)
· developing a youth version of AGSS
· design, instruction, and coordination of online courses
· development of k-12 curricula
· video production (supporting educational resources)
· supporting conference planning (developing a stream for educators)

As a global movement, we strive for diversity in the workplace. Strong preference will be given for candidates outside the USA, although all candidates will be considered equally on their experience and merits.

You can apply online here.