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Department of Peace Studies Course listing

Fall 2020

PEACEST                1A03  Introduction to Peace Studies (Virtual) TBA

PEACEST                2A03  Conflict Transformation: Theory and Practice (Virtual) TBA

PEACEST                2C03  Peace and Popular Culture (Virtual), TBA

PEACEST                3P03   Practicum: Practical Peace Building, Chandrima Chakraborty

PEACEST                3Y03  Power and Prejudice (Online), Roger Hyman

PEACEST                4B03  Independent Research, Chandrima Chakraborty

PEACEST                4L03   Peace, Environment and Health (Virtual) Nancy Doubleday

Winter 2021

PEACEST             1A03    Introduction: Peace Studies, TBA

PEACEST             3D03    Globalization and Peace, Nancy Doubleday

PEACEST             3P03    Practicum: Practical Peace Building, Chandrima Chakraborty

PEACEST             4B03    Independent Research, Chandrima Chakraborty

PEACEST             4J03      International Law, Peace and Ecology, TBA

PEACEST             4ST3     Special Topics Seminar, TBA


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